There is Internet service to the home. The internet here is on the slow side, but hopefully you are here to enjoy the lake views and not the screen views!


Cell/LTE coverage is spotty in the area. A landline is provided for local phone calls. If you need to use your phone, there is a church about a mile away(take a left onto Rte. 129 and the church is on the right) that sits on a hill and has better reception.


Please do not unplug the cable box in the loft . This will disrupt the signal and the internet and certain automated features of the home will not work.


PASSWORD: onthelake1

Air Conditioning/Heat
There are 4 thermostats located throughout the home: One in the loft, one in the family room, one in the master bedroom and one in the basement.
Each room is equipped with a fan in case the rooms get warm in the summer months. The controls for the ceiling fans in the great room at located next to the thermostat on the main floor.